Judge Jerry W. Baxter is as corrupt as a judge can be – Atlanta Georgia

baxter-jerry-w-three-facesCriminal charges have been filed against Fulton County Georgia Superior Court Judge Jerry W. Baxter.

Judge Jerry W. Baxter has been charged with Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Misprision of Felonies, and RICO.

Charges were filed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Task Force on Judicial Corruption in Georgia….

William M. Windsor made these charges:

Judge Jerry W. Baxter committed perjury in orders in Civil Action 2011CV206243 in the Fulton County Superior Court.  He made statements that he knew to be false for the purpose of damaging Pro Se Plaintiff, William M. Windsor.

Judge Jerry W. Baxter committed obstruction of justice by interfering with Windsor’s efforts to bring corrupt employees of Fulton County to justice.  Judge Jerry W. Baxter conspired with the employees of the Office of the Clerk of the Fulton County Superior Court to deny Windsor his right to file documents in legal actions that he has pending in the Fulton County Superior Court, including actions with judges other than Judge Jerry W. Baxter.  Judge Jerry W. Baxter committed obstruction of justice in a variety of ways by denying legal rights — all designed to block Windsor from successfuly pursuing his claims against Judge Baxter’s fellow Fulton County employees.

Judge Jerry W. Baxter committed Misprision of Felonies by ignoring undeniable proof of felonies by employees of Fulton County and federal judges in Atlanta, Georgia.

Judge Jerry W. Baxter is part of a criminal racketeering operation involving judges, judicial employees, and law enforcement personnel in Fulton County, Georgia.”

Judge Jerry W. Baxter was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  He graduated from  Grady High School in Atlanta.  He received his undergraduate degree from The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, where he also received his law degree.  Judge Baxter worked in the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office:  1974 – 1976, Assistant Solicitor General; Fulton County District Attorney’s Office:   1976-1985, Assistant District Attorney;  Appointed to the State Court of Fulton County Bench: 1985, State Court Judge; Appointed to the Superior Court of Fulton County Bench: September 2000, Superior Court Judge.

Investigative Help Needed

I believe Judge Jerry W. Baxter has victimized many others.  Anyone with the time to research Judge Jerry W. Baxter‘s cases is asked to contact bill@billwindsor.com.

William M. Windsor

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